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Welcome to Rail by Design™ - the specialist international and Australian rail travel division of Travel by Design™. Rail travel today might just be altogether different to what you remember! Our team comprise seasoned rail travellers and enthusiasts who know how to assemble an exciting rail itinerary - a very different experience on the rails.




The 'Romance of Rail' is back! Rail travel continues its dramatic renaissance around the world and for good reason. Trains offer travellers a spacious, relaxing and interesting way of linking holiday destinations ... or being destinations in themselves.

We are passionate about rail travel in all its forms - from luxury 'travelling five-star hotels' to very high-speed intercontinental express trains. As specialist rail travel office we can find the best connections, make the best reservations and save the trauma of long queues at railway stations and potential language barriers.

Travelling by train has the great advantage of allowing you to depart and arrive in the heart of the city - no stressful navigating of rental cars through unfamiliar streets or dealing with the stress and tension of 21st Century air travel.

Rail travel is safe, fast and very easy. Particularly in Europe - with its 250,000km of tracks - it's a fabulous way to meet the locals who are either using rail in their every day travels, or are heading off on their own vacation. Via an impressive network of 300km/h intercontinental trains, you move between cities quickly and efficiently avoiding traffic congestion on motorways. Incredibly, Paris is now only 2hrs 10mins away by very-high-speed Eurostar from the centre of London. Someone else does the driving, you get to see all the scenery and there's more time for you at your end destination.

We can incorporate rail travel tickets or passes into a much wider travel itinerary or simply book individual rail segments for you. Call us on 02 9875 1333 or e-mail us - we can take the guesswork out of selecting from the large and confusing number of alternative products, tickets and packages available.



The Venice Orient Express started the trend to luxury trains, in Europe. Now, discerning travellers can also find extraordinary luxury rail travel experiences all over the world - in The Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia.

These trains commence and finish their journeys in the heart of cities, so you board your first class hotel on wheels with a minimum of fuss and immediately take in the moving, panoramic landscape from your private sleeping compartment, the dining car or lounge. The run of the train - and all of its fine facilities - is yours.

Many of the luxury trains we recommend, are priceless, restored survivors from the golden age of travel - with interiors of exquisite, polished rare timbers or streamlined, retro exteriors. Whether it be the Blue Train of South Africa, India's Palace on Wheels or the Rocky Mountaineer in America, all of them have been updated with modern facilities to satisfy the most astute passenger.

A luxury train can be the highlight of a very special holiday that we can create for you. We delight in crafting end-to-end, customised itineraries and only support premium rail operators with exceptional reputations. Call us on 02 9875 1333 or e-mail us for help in guiding your choice of a very special rail travel experience.




With our appointment as a 'Specialist Accredited Office' by Great Southern Railway, Australia's most famous trains like the Indian-Pacific, The Overland and The Ghan are all available to you, directly through our office.

On these grand long-distance trains there's a choice of travel style and options. Guests can choose from twin or single sleeper cabins for their journey across the wide open spaces of the great Australian continent - across the vast Nullarbor, far into the rusty hues of the Red Centre, or right up to the tropical splendour of the Top End.

Relax in the Lounge or socialise with new found friends. Savour the sights, the wines and dine in a beautiful Restaurant Car on one of the world's longest and greatest train journeys. Depending on the style selected, all meals are included in a single service fare. On certain sectors, it's even possible to take your own car with you - for the ultimate 'drive-off' touring convenience at your destination.

We can also arrange complete Queensland rail holidays for you - coastal, outback and tropical experiences - to places like the Whitsundays, Longreach, Port Douglas and everywhere in-between. Why fly over this unique landscape, or endure long-distance road travel, when you could be relaxing in your own spacious and private compartment.

After 40 years, the West Coast Wilderness Railway is running again in Tasmania, and steam is once again billowing through the rainforest. You're now able to travel through one of the world's last pristine wilderness areas crossing 40 bridges, wild rivers, and climbing over 200 metres on a fascinating 35-kilometre journey from Queenstown to Strahan.

Call us on 02 9875 1333 or e-mail us about any of these individual rail travel experiences, or ways we can create a complete, customised itinerary for you.





We're dedicated rail enthusiasts, so it's no surprise that we also cater for both experienced rail travellers and devoted enthusiasts. We also recognise that there are discerning potential rail travellers who seek more of the modern comforts together with a really different, heritage rail experience.

That's why Rail by Design™ is now offering premium, fully-organised, multi-week, steam-hauled rail tours to New Zealand - luxury tours where all of the arrangements are taken care of in a single fare. You simply relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of a private train as it passes through some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, much of it inaccessible by road.

We haven't forgotten our own history though! We still offer the other end of the spectrum, through our week-long steam locomotive footplate experiences, to Wolsztyn in western Poland. Our five past 'Wolsztyn Experience' tours have attracted enthusiasts wanting everything from end-to-end travel plans made for them, to the seasoned, independent steam enthusiasts who make their own way to Poland. Either way, our travellers experience a long-forgotten but very authentic industrial way of life ... at the sharp end!

Our organised rail tours offer many surprises — call us on 02 9875 1333 or e-mail us, to hear about all that they have to offer.

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